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Schematic Capture

We use industry standard circuit simulation tools such as PSpice and LTSpice to design your schematic and capture it in Altium Designer. Circuit simulation is a very early part of the development process, allowing us to quickly iterate and refine solutions and perform more in-depth analysis to ensure the first prototype is a success. Altium Designer is one of the most widely used tools in the professional environment and allows us to adapt many designs that have already been started. Powerful importers also allow us to build on designs created in different environments.

PCB Design

We design PCBs using Altium Designer. Whether it's a high-current, low-noise analog or high-density digital board, we have the expertise to meet all the challenges revolving around printed circuit boards. With our local network of high-tech manufacturing partners, we support innovative approaches to high-density packaging, rigid-flex circuits, embedded components or integrated board-level thermal management solutions.




Simulations are an integral part of our design process. We use both industry standard and open-source simulation tools to model complex systems at board or system level. Our expertise ranges from SI/PDN analysis to component modelling and system-level thermal management analysis. With the ability to use open-source tools, we provide you with a unique, cost-neutral insight into the physical processes of your system.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design workflow brings together all of our expertise from simulations and electronics design and packages into your next product. With both electrical and simulation expertise in-house, we can offer the best mechanical solution in a bi-directional workflow that provides the best compromise between all technical factors. Our rendering pipeline allows us to show your product in the best light for marketing and documentation purposes.




Designing hardware requires building and testing hardware. We provide both prototype assembly and testing in-house and through our local partner network. We take care of the assembly of everything from the smallest application processor to the most rugged high-thermal-mass terminal block - sometimes even on the same board! Prototyping doesn't stop with the electronics, so we also prototype the mechanical solution and test your product in its customer-facing configuration.

Concept Phase

The first step in any design process is to describe and define the functional scope of the product. We will work with you to develop a specification that best meets your requirements. Choosing the right concept and architecture is a key factor in determining the functional scope, cost and complexity of the technical implementation. Architectural decisions can have a huge impact on extensibility and maintainability, both of which are key business strategy decisions. We understand this and work closely with you to deliver not only the best technical solution, but also the best business fit.


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