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OVT13 Laptop

The OVT13 is a project initiated to bring a fully open-source thin and light 13“ laptop to the market. At open visions we believe that you should have the full ownership over the device you buy. Even more so we are convinced that know-how transfer and innovation is best nourished by tearing down the walls of patents and NDAs and make knowledge accessible to everyone.

This project is proudly supported by NLnet NGI Zero Entrust

Follow along with the progress on the Altium© resource page blog articles

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Let's innovate together!

Open-source Smartwatch

We are extending the philosophy of the OVT13 laptop to a highly integrated smartwatch design! Together with Thintronics we bring cutting edge technology into the open-source regime. Initiated by the industry expert Kian Khajeh Arzani  for embedded design we are committed to delivering a unique system to the consumer electronics market.

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The Pi.MX8 is a fully open-source compute module based on the i.MX 8M Plus SoC from NXP. We have packaged the Pi.MX8 in a Raspberry Pi compute module compatible format.

Our customers put a lot of trust in us when they choose the Pi.MX8 SoM as the future heart of their own products. We do everything we can to live up to that trust, even to the point of open sourcing our design data and giving our customers back complete ownership of their system.

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