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Your vision, engineered

Driving innovation through open-source design.

PCB Layout


From single layer to HDI

We offer a full range of PCB design services from single layer boards through high current and HV applications to advanced HDI designs.


We reveal the invisible

Everything you need to know about your hardware - before prototyping. Through our comprehensive simulation workflow, we provide you withb meaningful insight into your design.

Mechanical Design

Tying it all together

Mechanical design translates innovation into a tangible and usable form. Our workflow brings together all of our expertise in hardware development, simulation and firmware design and packages it into your next product.

Pi.MX8 SoM

Product: i.MX8 in familiar formfactor

The popular compute module formfactor meets a popular industry standard SoC. The Pi.MX8 integrates the i.MX 8M Plus SoC into an open-source pin-to-pin compatible compute module.


Product: Open hardware - just in time

Next to the smartphone, the smartwatch features one of the highest electronic integration densities of any everyday electronic device. Yet for the curious mind, this technological gem has been locked away in a vault of NDAs and patents, making it inaccessible to the next generation of problem solvers and entrepreneurs - until now.

OVT13 Laptop

Product: Your Laptop without secrets

The consumer electronics industry is driving a worrying trend towards non-upgradeable disposable electronic devices. The OVT13 laptop aims to break this trend by providing a completely open source, repairable and upgradeable device.

Built by Professionals, for Professionals

At OV Tech GmbH, innovation is at our core. 
Founded by visionary engineers with a passion for advancing technology
we have quickly risen as frontliners in the fields of digital and analog electronics design. 
Our strength lies in our team—dynamic, dedicated, and driven to redefine technology in both industrial and consumer sectors.

We are committed to transforming industries through powerful technological solutions. 
Our expertise in advanced PCB design, digital and analog circuit design, and rigorous simulations ensures every product surpasses modern expectations. 
By tackling complex challenges with scalable solutions, we turn ambitious ideas into reality.


Let's innovate together!

Who we worked for.

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